milestyles55 for Blog Mod

Good evening good people of ebaum's world.  I would like to throw my hat into the ring as candidate for blog mod.  Why the fuck not? 

Please allow me to present to you my platform laying out my policies that should lead you to choose me as your mod for this section.

I think I'm at least somewhat familiar with every member who's posted more than one blog, or non-spam, in this section of the website.

I think I've showed that I can deal with those who fuck with this section swiftly.

I think that creativity should not be stifled here, but copypasta should be suffocated.

I think that everyone should have their say, unless their say becomes detrimental to this section, it's members, the mods, or the site in general.

I think it's time for NO NEW FUCKING TAXES.

I think that Jokes belong in the JOKE SECTION.

I think that embeds are fine, especially if you're willing to get embed with me.

I think it's time for someone, anyone, to lobby for a blog to be featured (it's only been years since this has happened).

I think it's possible for me to take an objective stance on all issues and members, if nominated to this position (you'll have to give me the benefit of the doubt on this one).

I think that the members of this section are like a family.  Some fathers, some mothers, some brothers, some sisters, and some little red-headed step children, all requiring equal representation.

I think I am on this site more than humanly possible for the average member.

I think it's time for new, annoying female members to actually show tits, or GTFO.

I BELIEVE that I can reunite the bloggers of ebaum's world, new and old, young and weathered, fresh and smelly, gay and straight, TO RESTORE THIS SECTION TO THE GLORY IT  HAS ONCE KNOWN.

In conclusion,

I think it's safe to say that not everyone who frequents this section loves me, but my question to you my fellow users is, how many of you actually hate me?  Please comment if you do, so that I may deal with you individually.

Thank you for your consideration and for your time,

Lick bag and have a good night bishes.


Uploaded 06/27/2011
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