Miley Cyrus is a Dumb Cunt (On Her Myspace Until Deleted)

If she were any more oblivious to the real world she'd adopt an Asian kid and donate to charity. Ergh... What a waste. Miley is much like Garry Busey, retarded. She say's she's a role model... What the fuck? She's barely qualified to insert a tampon. Sure I'm bitter, but not because she's rich, it's because a pimply teenage chode is saying "Life is all about having a good time" while the rest of us struggle to pay bills, it's like being slapped in the face with John McCain's ball sack. How about attributing your success to uneducated hillbillies who bought your dads shitty music? That and random fucking luck, you cunt.

How the fuck are you even a role model? You sat in your dads' car while he drove you to an audition for Hannah Montana. You did what Corky from "Life Goes On" could do; read and repeat what you read. Didn't get that reference? That's because you're one year older then John Bobbit's dick.

Miley, you're like religion, you give false hope to morons with disposable income. You don't inspire your fans, you give them a warped view of reality and mislead them to believe they can afford your lifestyle. $250 for a ticket? Seriously? Next time you're buying a dolphin remember where the money came from; a bunch of poor sobs stacking Wal-Mart shelves with your crappy album so their kids can see you dry hump a strip poll.

Miley's reality; "Anyone can succeed if they believe in themselves"

Actual reality; "At any given time there's a million people who can do anything much better then you, 100,000 of those people are much better looking then you, and 10,000 of those people probably have the same name as you. You're not special, I'm not special, and if you realise you're not special, that still doesn't make you special. You, just like me, are a tiny sperm in a pool of corporate jizz."

A tip for the future, Miley... "Which way to Betty Ford?"

P.S Read Miley's angry cousin response on my myspace


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Uploaded 09/15/2009
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