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Thanks to everyone who awnsered my earlier blog, everybody who left a comment or advice were people that I actually respect after seeing on the site. I figured I'd expand on my earlier question. I have ruled out the marines as an option. I have always thought that the marines were a really respected branch that had reason for it's pride, but my family, that i have told about my aspirations to join the military, have been totally against it saying I was going to be a grunt or a bullet sponge. They also said they would never talk to me again, especially my mother.

The air force or the army were my biggest considerations. My grandfather was a radar specialist in Korea stationed in naples. That is the main reason I thought about air force. But I want to get the college tuition benefit from my service, and wouldn't want to be anything but an officer in the air force, so that is almost out of my choice.

So my final choice I think is going to be army. My great grandfather, grandfather, dad, and uncles were all in the army, so that may be the biggest factor in my consideration of the army. Pretty sure I'm going to go some sort of infantry.

On an related subject, I got my first excuse for a blog/rant while writing this.

I understand the want to serve your country and to serve out of some sort of military family deal, but what I don't understand is why someone would join just because their friend enlisted. I have multiple friends that enlisted. The first to enlist is, lets say the popular redneck at our school. My other friend joined only weeks after him. Now the second enlistee is someone who has never even mentioned the army as a possible career. He is, however, someone that always follows the first around like a sad puppy dog. I also notice now that all of the first persons friends are saying that they are going to enlist too. Am I the only one who thinks that it is one of the stupidest decisions that someone could make to join in the army, where you could die, just because your friend enlisted.

P.S. not hinting at all that military members are rednecks

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