Mind Control

Ewen Cameron a psychiatrist at Montreal's Allen Memorial institute and the CIA conspired to erase and remake the human mind.

Their minds seem like clean slates upon which we can write.

- Dr. Cyril J.C. Kennedy and DR. David Anchet on the benefits of electroshock therapy, 1948.


I went to the slaughterhouse to observe this so-called  "electric slaughtering," and I saw the hogs were clamped at the temples with bid metallic thongs which were hooked up to electric current (125 volts). As soon as the hogs were clamped by the tongs, they fell unconscious, stiffened, then after a few seconds they were shaken by convulsions in the same way as our experimental dogs. During this period of unconsciousness (epileptic coma), the butcher stabbed and bled the animals without difficulty.

Ugo Cerletti, a psychiatrist, describing how he "invented" electroshock therapy, 1954.

Code name MKUltra:

Ewen Cameron who was President of the American and Canadian Psychiatrist Associations, worked with the CIA to develop techniques to erase the human mind of it's personality and memories. After which, they would then implant new personalities and memories.

They used a variety of techniques such as LSD, electroshock therapy, sleep deprivation and repeating sounds over and over. This was done to people who did not agree to take part in these experiments. The CIA and the Doctor used people who had no idea what was going to happen to them. Cameron at Memorial University locked up his human guinea pigs in an old barn once used for horses.

With funding from the CIA the Doctor was able to erase peoples minds and they became like new born babies, not even able to perform the simplest of tasks.

When the story went public to the embarrassment of the University and the CIA, the experiments officially ended.

Newly released documentation tells how the results and techniques used by DR. Cameron have been transferred to Guantanamo bay and AbuGharib.

The American Government is very much interested in mind control and are willing to do anything they can to achieve it.

Here is the link to all the documentation that proves it.

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