Minimum Wage THANKS ALOT

I just want to personally thank all you Jack offs who voted "YES" to raise the minimum wage. Now thanks to you dumb shits EVERYTHING is going to go up in cost, anything from my Big Mac from Mickey Ds, to a box of Doughnuts from Dunkin or even food from the Supermarket!!!!! Everything is going to cost more for the rest of us, all for the sake that some lil fucker who lives with his mother can make $.70 more/ hr (or whatever it is). It's bad enough gas is so high and hurting our wallets, now my watermelon is going to cost even more. My Favorite restaurant's prices are going way up because, they now have to pay their waiters (WHO MAKE MOST OF THEIR INCOME ON TIPS) more money per hour, which resulted in many of the waiter's and buser’s hours getting cut some even getting laid off. The people are getting laid off because the business now has to cut cost to make up for the loss of revenue, due to the fact customer don’t go out to eat as much because, prices are to high, AND the prices are now too high because minimum wage went up, and minimum wage went up because you people don’t think.... Now here is something to think about, the people who are making that wonderful extra $.70 more per hour are now spending that extra $.70 they made, on everything that just went up in cost, and so is the middle class (whos wages are the same). so its not like it made any better for the people making the minimum wage, because now there are spending more too. GOOD JOB PEOPLE. NOW THE U.S. ECONOMY WILL NEVER RECOVER.

Uploaded 08/07/2008
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