Miracle In Guiana.

Gotta make it quick. My brother in law from Guiana had a undiagnosed and untreated blocked aorta for years. Somehow, his body reversed the flow of a large vein in his back that compensated for the problem. There is no medical explanation for what happened to him and he was featured on 60 minutes years ago. This man had some very powerful diseases including kidney failure and a severe case of gout. The doctors asked us to make arrangements. His torso was like a giant balloon ready to explode. His chances of survival were near zero. The surgeon explained that they couldn't drain the fluid from his body, because he'd explode like a balloon. Well, he pulled through and was back at work in no time. He wasn't a religious man, but I know my mother, who was devout prayed for him deeply as did the family so he would get well. Do I attribute this to our prayer? No, I do not. But if you knew my brother in law and his zest for what life had to offer, you might understand how a positive spirit can play a significant role your life. Rest in Peace L. D.
Uploaded 07/09/2013
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