Misguided Youth

USA pushes new Cyberspace Protection act with lightspeed thru congress. It will silence the Internet and Press forever.

The Anon Hacker-Kids that can handle nmap -sT -AGRESSIVE or maybe even only the low orbit Ion Cannon tool (install and click start, syncs itselfs) are playing right into the hands of the mass media.

This case that is made up out of the headlines you keep producing will put pressure on congress to pass this:

Wikipedia calls this misguidedly called Hackers rightfully 'Script-Kiddies'.

The public damage to the wikileaks cause is immense. The Hacktivists while sharing the same goals of transparency and censorship-free Internet are blinded by the Headlines they produce. Corporate Media is playing them out against their own goals!!! DARN IT WAKE UP already please! You're damaging what could be the greatest chance for mankind to free earth from secrecy and warcrimes.

How about you start doing the hard stuff. Reading thru the leaks, producing blog articles and convince people of the cause of the free internet. Barlow's poorly chosen words of 'warriors and battlefield' were so short-sighted, it will creep him up when he see's his mistake and the whole Internet is censored.

This is the USA you're fighting against. A few DDoS just won't do. You can't bet on the Media to do the hard work for you, sifting through the crimes of this earths governments and foremost corporations. It's long such a cable. Writing, reflecting and producing convincing, text is even harder.

You will destroy Wikileaks and the free Internet. Please stop now!

Uploaded 12/09/2010
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