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Users, please. Don't own yourself in the manner I saw earlier tonight, and become a victim of interwebz self-fail. There are a slew of argumentative fallacies online that equal those in real life, but for some, a PC doesn't always make it  insignificant - in fact, it may open up a lot more about yourself to total strangers than you suspect. Case in point:

Make sure the people you incessantly call fat aren't chatting under alt. accounts.

Then they won't see when you actually show up to complain about your weight and sniff out some pity, letting on why you're a cuntrag.

By taking this simple advice, suddenly your scraggly, thinning hair, finger down throat gestures, calling people huge, and bragging how much you work out won't click and let on you have major issues, such as a textbook case of Eating / Body Dysmorphic Disorder, with the possibility of vomit jars strewn around your room.


Cuz at such a point, fucks given will drop to 0, and people like myself will go out to get something really good to eat, and it will be a very enjoyable experience.

If this type of example sounds like you, then seriously, you can click my cam to see me laugh while I chew. Trust me, it's delicious without the bile.

But instead, if I were you, it may be necessary you go to the Mayo Clinic and talk to some pros - you'll back down and get off your high horse in no time.


Uploaded 12/12/2011
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