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Once again I want to apologize for the long absence from the blog section.  This time I cant blame it on the bottle or pipe; just concentrating on making eBaums World one of the happy places to visit on the interwebs.  Mobile is what Im going to be concentrating on today and I would appreciate all the snide comments be sent as text messages to my new New York number, 646-770-3404, so as to keep in the spirit of the post.  First an eBaums World fun fact: 850K videos were streamed to mobile devices in June.  eBaums World may be enjoyed on almost any mobile device on the planet.  Doesnt matter if its the old Nokia candy bar phone you got from your old man when you were a kid or the latest Android or iOS4 device, you can find the pants-wetting vids and pictures on them.  For all you iPhone/iPad owners the crack engineering team has developed some of the best html 5 sites out there so enjoy the brilliant quality, brutal outcomes and hilarity on those shiny new items.  Im working real hard to get eBaums World pre-installed, as a bookmark on Safari, stay tuned.  Speaking of Apple®, eBaums World has just been accepted into the App Store.  You can now capture and upload all the amazing videos of Pepper Peanut lying in his own vomit, as well as, all the cute ninja cats videos and your best bathroom pranks through our (almost) one touch iPhone app.  Point your browser to to download and then dont forget to write a great review so all those panty waisters will follow your great example.  Please message me with any and all suggestions, as we will be updating the app, as well as, building a Blackberry and Android versions in the near future. 

Uploaded 07/10/2010
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