There's been a lot of grumbling lately about the addition of a few new moderators.


Let me start off first by saying congratulations to all those who were picked for such a lofty title. I'll admit, I say that with both respect and disdain. There is a reason for this:

On the one hand, I have been writing on an unmoderated web forum for years. A lot of you already know this, and those who don't can probably figure out which one. Having the freedom to write and say whatever you want can be a liberating experience. Having that freedom gave me the ability to learn how to better conduct myself, and convey my thoughts and ideas in a manner that would be unoffensive, unpretentious, and therefore more powerful when it was something important.

I also learned how to be a real dick, too. And believe me, tearing a fucktard or two a new asshole can be breathtaking as well. Try it.


The fact is that moderators are a necessary evil. They are necessary because they prevent users from conveying a certain image that might be contrary to the ideals of the website itself. The fact is, eBaums is not just a website, it is a business. You can see it from all the adspace Mr. Bauman gives to various companies. Is it that hard to believe that the creator of this website might not want the people who pay him to believe that he's associated with a large group of people who like to say "NIGGERCUNT" on a regular basis?

Moderators can also be evil.

Granted, not ALL of them have the propensity to abuse their newfound power, but some moderators are simply regular users who were just ITCHING to flex whatever muscle they think they have and ban some other jackass who likes to run their mouth, but ultimately can't fight back.

This is called "bullying", people. Shame on you for flying off the handle and banning people when you've only been in your position for a scant few days. Hauling off and going to extremes is irresponsible. Banning somebody should be reserved for people who are TRULY offensive and could potentially hurt the overall image of the website at large.

Remember, you don't swat a fly with a bazooka. When someone slaps you in the face, you don't take a hammer to their cranium. There are lots of analogies that can be used to reflect this, but you guys get the idea.


But shame on the rest of you for opening your big mouths and goading these people into banning you simply to prove your point. Joining "I HATE NIGGERS" groups and running around with shit flying out of your mouths is no way to conduct yourselves on or off any type of forum. If you feel that you, or anybody else for that matter, has been slighted in any way by a new moderator, BRING IT OUT IN THE OPEN.

There was an issue like this last year with another moderator, and she was subsequently disciplined. But this wasn't because people ran around embarrassing themselves. This was because people came together and enlisted the help of...... you guessed it......... other moderators.


We all have the power of free speech. But like any power, moderator or not, it can be misused. Intelligent discourse will ALWAYS be the appropriate remedy for any slight. If you can't contribute to a conversation without being a raving retard......



Then shut your Goddamned mouths.

Uploaded 01/06/2009
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