Monday, 3pm

CrazyAssVato died from injuries due to his prolapsed asshole and at that moment the group Zip Winger became something totally different and though the years I have attended many orgys and knew then that if not for the tremendous black man cock of Lexington steele it would on numerous occasions be a nutbuster performance. Don't get me wrong fap off and drink it up and have a good time was my motto and the fap juice always flowed like wine why attending the Zip Winger concerts. Friday night with tickets purchased by my mom I went to see Zip Winger minus the pants and it was a great show he played and sang the blues as if it might be his last show and who knows maybe it will be. I always wonder about these guys who have pissed in each others mouth on the constant search for the gay lifestyle, after the show there was an eerie kind of feeling in the room and when we got outside a lot of us (strangers all,)  stood around and talked aboutall the fapping we had just witnessed and the consensus was "my God can you believe that shit". This made me want to scream at Gregg "don't get any on my clodhoppers"  as I remember how Ron Jeremy had turned his life around only to die in a fap test. If you are a blueball fan you missed a great show and I for one am glad I went to see this man who seems to have changed his life and good for him.


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Uploaded 04/26/2009
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