Money and Happiness

     More often that not, we are blinded by the glitz and glamor of what money can buy. We sit in our mediocre homes, eating our mediocre food, and watch television shows that depict our heroes and role models living a life that majority of the rest of us could only dream of. I ask this: How real is a reality show, or how fictitious is a drama series or sitcom? We are only ever exposed to all the good times these people are having, and very rarely do we ever get to see behind the curtains when the cameras are turned off. We get to see the bad times on other programs like TMZ, Enews, or read about it on yahoo news or something silly like that.
     Sure, money can get you really far, and it can buy you all the nice clothes, jewelry, cars, and other luxuries and ecstasies that otherwise would not be available to you. Maybe women would be more attracted to you if you had that extra roll of 100 dollar bills stuffed into your wallet, or you pulled up to the club in that Italian sports car instead of you 93 Chevy Cavalier that's missing two hubcaps.
     If you yourself had the high profile life of celebrity appeal, or world leader, would you really enjoy it? I admit that it sounds fun, but I have to believe that it would get very old very fast. People would adore you, and beg for an autograph every time you go out in public. Egos inflate. Anywhere you ever went you would be trailed by fans, and cameramen just hoping to sneak a peek at what you do in your personal time... But it's not so personal anymore. Constant deadlines for meetings, promotional events, charity drives, paid appearances, etc. The large paychecks that go along with being in the spotlight comes at it own price. Say goodbye to your privacy. Rumors swirl, regardless of truth or fiction about you, and your involvement with others. It's nice to be liked by many people, but to be treated like a golden god? I guess i'm a little to humble for that.
     King Solomon said "better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stall fed ox and hatred therewith." Roughly translated it means that it's better to be a simple individual and have the unconditional love of your true friends and family around rather than be a snob who thinks that everything must be handed to you on a silver platter without question and have no love or appreciation for it. 
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