Money Grows on Hotel Couches

This is the story of how I got $200 for being bored.


I'm 19 now, and this story takes place 2 years ago...quite a long time to keep this story a secret.


While in high school I was a cross country runner, a good one at that. I ended up quiting my freshman year of college, but thats beside the point. My junior year I took 1st in my league meet (comprised of 13 schools) followed by 4th place at the district meet (about 40 schools) The top 10 finishers in the district meet  go on to race at the PA state meet in Hershey, PA (yes the place where chocolate is made, yes you get free chocolate there, and yes part of the town smells like chocolate).


Now I'm assuming most of you did the math in your head but for those of you who couldn't, 4 is less than 10. So I was going to Hershey the next week for an overnight trip that was all expense paid by my lovely schools taxpayers money. You bet your ass I ate everything I saw.


Now for the best part, how I got the $200:


My coach got a room with two beds for him and his wife, and my dad and I got the same style room except across the hall. Upon entering the room I noticed we had a couch next to my bed. So, when my dad left for the bathroom to attend to the waste his intestines were building up from the 3 hour ride, I did what 17 year old boys do....whatever the fuck we want. I wondered if was possible to jump the 5 foot gap from my bed to the couch and land sitting comfortably. So I tried it, and it worked with the excepting of the comfortable landing. While I was sitting there holding my back in pain I noticed a green square popping out from under the corner of the couch. I reached down and to my amazement, it was 2 Benny Franks! I searched under the couch frantically for anymore money to no avail, but I was less than disappointed, I had just found $200.


The next few milliseconds I thought of returning it to the front desk. HA

The next few minutes I thought about what I could spend it on...Hookers, Pornography, Weed, Beer, Cigarettes, etc...   (But seriously,  I probably thought of clothes, cars, puppies and less exciting stuff like that)


P.S. Sometimes I still wonder how the $200 got under the couch, feel free to let me know in the comment section how you think it got there.


P.P.S. For the few people who care about my race the next day, I got 31st and was pretty damn happy about it.

I bet the 30 faggots in front of me didn't find $200 in thier couch.

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