Monster-In-Law Moving Back in...

You might remember a blog I wrote sometime back, about my monster in law (henceforth known as MIL) who moved in while I was in Korea.  She eventually moved out after getting a low income apartment in an assisted living community.  Turns out she doesn't like that apartment very much, and wants to move back in with us.  That was the plan all along anyway, but not until after we moved into a bigger house.

Here's the problem: it looks like we won't be able to move just yet.  I'll be taking a small pay cut with my new job, and we have some financial goals we need to meet before we commit to a bigger house and bigger payment.  My daughter will be moving out a few days before MIL moves in so that helps a little, but not much.  Here's why:

MIL has trouble getting up and down the stairs, so she won't be going downstairs to the basement at all.  It's fully finished, with two bedrooms and a full bath, but the stairs are a show stopper.  What that means is instead of my wife and I having a bathroom to ourselves on the main floor, we now have to share it with MIL, who will be sleeping in the bedroom RIGHT NEXT TO OURS.  Yipee.  To be honest, I think she's exaggerating her difficulty with the stairs because she doesn't want to be lonely.  That's ok though.  She's my wife's mother so I'll take care of her as I do my own kids. I'll just do my best to meet her needs, real or imagined.  She is family, after all.

The flip side of the coin is that she wants to make our current house worth a little more with some updates, which will make it easier to sell (we think we'll sell in one to two years).  Right now we are having a deck added to the back, and just got all the carpeting replaced downstairs.  the main floor got new wood flooring, and the upstairs kitchen and bath got new vinyl flooring, and new paint on the outside.  All total she just dumped over $6,000 into the house.  It's part of the $73,000 she got when she sold her house in Texas, so she can certainly afford it.  With any luck, we'll meet our financial goals quickly and we can put this house on the market in a year.

I was never concerned about new carpeting and flooring, but I will certainly enjoy having a deck.  Should be done by Monday or Tuesday.  In fact, my next blog will be typed on my new deck, weather permitting.

Have a great weekend, fellow bloggers!  It's Friday night so I'm taking the wife to Olive Garden for dinner.  It's our weekly ritual.

Afterthought: shout out to Deevo, who in no uncertain terms told me to make a contribution to the blog section.  By the way, I have never sucked a penis, Deevo.  Please seek therapy for your anger issues.

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