Morality Based on Science

This blog is in no way a religious rant, as were my previous blogs, (not religious) even though some others saw fit to describe them that way and therefore missed the point. I blame myself for that, because if I fail to get the message across, then that is my fault as I did not communicate correctly.

To the subject of basing morality on science. Can this be achieved throughout the world in a humane, peaceful and benevolent way?  Let's set aside all religious beliefs and imagine a world totally based on scientific conclusion. I can see no reason that this would not be possible as long large amounts of people either accept a scientific society or do not try rocking the boat, if in their mind they have a different ideas as to how a society should function. Basically, science is the truth and from that everyone agrees to go along accepting what norms and behaviours are extracted from a purely scientific stand point.

Is it just me or with that thought, did everyone in your imagination start to look like Spock? That was a joke, but in a way it holds some water.  Using the techniques of science we can try and answer all questions, solve all problems and forecast the future. And when the definitive truth about anything is scientifically provable than we as a people can make the correct moral decisions and live our life demonstrating behaviours that support the scientific data. Of course, in our present world this type of utopia will probably  never occur, due to the simple facts that mankind is no where near answering all the questions necessary to carry out a world of that type and to have most people live by it, well, the educational requirements to get everyone on board is just plain mind blowing. 

Admittedly, when all the hard questions are answered and everyone is educated enough to at least have a basic understanding of everything to the point most people agree, it would be a pretty cool world. Or would it? That's a topic for another day. Lets now revert back to the world and it's people the way it actually exists today. My reluctance to mould myself in a purely scientific behaviour pattern is supported by the fact that mankind cannot yet reliably predict the weather and our world was and is ruled by many psychopaths. Not all our ruling bodies are necessarily bad or corrupt, but you have to be naive to think a large percentage are not.

Trust and truth must go hand and hand in order to attain a world completely structured on scientific principle. And when it comes, I will join in with all the fervour of a West-borough Baptist at a gay pride festival surrounded and protected by armed guards. Will it happen in my lifetime? Will it happen in any lifetime from now to eternity? My bets are on "No". However, I do not arrive at that decision from a purely scientific stand point, so I might be proven wrong. God I hope so.

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