Morality Through Obedience

I want to foreword this blog by saying this my first post on eBaum's and hopefully will be the first of many. As I was perusing other blogs, to see what other people were writing about, I noticed a fair amount of great and intelligent back and forth dialogue. I hope to also open a window for debate and dialogue and I hope to see great discussion and enlightenment. I love debating controversial issues and I love seeing all different perspectives of any issue.
The first topic I want to bring to the table is  morality through obedience. The idea of defining one's moral code around an ancient and archaic ideology through fear of punishment for their action from some invisible deity is preposterous to me. The ability for humans to understand right and wrong is a gift and people should explore morality through their own personal experiences rather than follow guide lines laid down (allegedly) by sky gods. Make no mistake, several of the moral teachings in different religious texts reflect my own beliefs of what is right and wrong, but to accept the whole explanation of virtuosity from any of said texts without question, is in my opinion, a fallacy.
These texts make it easy for many people to just adopt a code of right and wrong without really having to actually think about the big question: Why? Why is it wrong to kill? Why is it wrong to have premarital sex? Why is it okay to beat your slave to the brink of death (Deuteronomy)? To have concrete thoughts of what is moral without really understanding why you believe this set of morals, to me, means you actually have no morals, but rather would like to follow a set of rules laid out in front of you because it is easy and you are afraid of, in my opinion, the absurd thought of eternal punishment.
I'm open to any questions and I look forward to seeing your responses. Thanks for reading.

Uploaded 12/30/2011
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