More about Obama. He is a criminal's friend!

I just learned some more shit about Obama. He is a joke and a worthless piece of shit! He should not ever be President!

He is too soft on crime. He does not want to let judges be harsh on criminals and he does not want to want to pass better laws.

He is against tougher penalties for drug related crimes.  He does not want to give harsher penalties to Crack and Cocaine users and dealers. He also wants to give drug users hypodermic needles with our tax money!

He is against protecting children from danger. He voted against protecting our kids from guns fired at and near schools!

He does not want harsher penalties for gang members who murder someone to help their gang.

He voted against a 48 hour cooling off period for people who abuse their family!

Now with all of this and everything else  that this bastard has done and wants to do as well as the facts that he has no military background and not much experience, why the fuck would anyone want to vote for this worthless dip shit?

Not only that, but he is dumb! He doesn’t support tax breaks for us or nor does he want to lower gas prices!

He has a lot of terrorist friends. He hangs out with them.



Uploaded 10/22/2008
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