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Things are much worse than I had thought.  It appears that my previous solution to a hung jury may not have worked because a new breed out there which Adam Carolla aptly coined ; MRSA cunts.  These people are highly resistant to logic, much like a MRSA infection is to antibiotics.  The lone juror holdout stated (anonymously),  "She did not see it as a violation of any laws.  It was politics.  It was more of conversations of what-ifs. She wanted to hear [Blagojevich] say, 'I'll give you this for that. "


I feel like a crazy old man yelling at the squirrels because her admission of how dumb she is.   She brushed it off as politics!?  Is that not the most insanely moronic thing you've ever heard?  Have you ever heard a juror come out of murder trial after acquitting and say, "Yeah, that guy obviously killed those kids, but I don't see whats wrong with that?"  If you don't know what bribery, racketeering, and extortion are please speak up before the trail so you can be sent home to watch court shows you would much better understand like Judge Mathis Lane.  Please do so before the federal government wastes millions of dollars on you.


It must be nice being that stupid, because you only have to be smart enough to come up with some cliché to magically make everything bad you do go away.  Maybe I should rob a grocery store and call it the store's overhead.  How about I rape some children and call it a hard life lesson?  Or maybe everyone in Illinois can burn down her house and call it fair.  As long as I don't explicitly call it armed robbery, rape or arson at any point, I should walk away a free man.  Politics....pfff.


Isn't the very definition of extortion a conversation of "what ifs?"  I wasn't at the trial but I would imagine the tapes they played went something like this:


Children's Memorial Hospital: "What if we don't give to your political campaign?"

Blagojevich:  "Then I will cut your entire budget."


How could I be so stupid?  That totally IS just a conversation of "what ifs."  At no part in any of that conversation did Blagojevich explicitly say, "I Rod Blagojevich do herby extort one million dollars for my political campaign from Children's Memorial Hospital. Failure to comply with said extortion will result in loss of state funding to Children's Memorial Hospital."


Chicago wouldn't be that bad of a place to live if 1 idiot out of 12 wasn't constantly being put in a situation to step on your nuts.

Uploaded 08/20/2010
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