more bs just cause im bored

So ive been at work since 10. thats all fine and dandy dont bother me . Saturdays for this store are ALLWAYS slow. no biggie just means i find stuff to do to pass the time away.

So i have a customer walk in the store with a ATT prepaid motorola cell phone. Yes we do carry Motorola. Yes we do have Motorola chargers. As for that phone i dont carry those chargers,nor do i carry that phone,but to be on the safe side I look anyways. I even looked in the back of the store .

I came back out and said "I'm Sorry Sir, but we do not carry a charger for that phone. You might try an ATT store. So he cops an attitude with me and once again i appolgize. He says well the guys at Radio Shack told me to try here


Now heres my rant You work at radio shack and you send a customer over here to a verizon retailer store for an Att phone. Its apparent you had to look at the phone and see it said ATT. Are you that Dumb not to see it so you send them here?


Im sorry but stupid crap like that just irritates the hell outta me cause you send the customer to me and they get mad at me for something i dont have. Its not my fault we dont carry chargers that go to att prepaid phones!!!


Stupid people at there Finest!

Uploaded 08/29/2009
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