More Dark Deunan

I have noticed from time to time that people's moods swing wildly. I'm talking about the people here, EBW bloggers. When I think I pretty much know someone they veer wildly off course. What I think is a decent semi-regular person pops off with some fucked up shit that's not in their normal character. I have done the same myself I'm sure, but I have tried my hardest to keep myself on an even keel. In real life it would be called having a bad day. On here though, having a bad day, can vastly change what and how people think about you for a good long period of time.

Most know me as introverted, feelingsy, emotional Deunan. Only because that's basically all I've shown. I have shown a dark side occassionally but, believe me, that is only the virtual tip of the iceberg people. I have been an A#1 fucking asshole my whole life. Guess what? It worked just fine. The urge to troll some of you fucking retards is almost as bad as a heroin junky needing his fix. In the beginning I had fun trolling NO U and Nova. Nova's gone and I kinda like NO U. Go figure!

I'm rambling....I know but so fucking what?

Sometime's you motherfucking idiots make me want to come through the screen and curb stomp your stupid ass. But, I have promised myself that I won't be that asshole anymore. I didn't promise any of you morons, I promised myself. Sometimes you guys/gals argue like a bunch of school girls over such trivial shit that it boggles the mind.

Whoa....let me get back to the first paragraph. I'm going to attack people individually here. Why? Because I can and I've had to stave off the asshole part of me long enough. No I'm not drunk nor high(that might be part of my Yeah I promised to be good but promises are made to be broken, this won't be my first time.


Tyaeda...usually you DO have something to say worth listening to, if I could only get through all the useless crap attached to it. You talk too much but I still love you. have been true to the course my man keep on being you.


NO U/ have been true to the course as well, keep on being a dick. I wouldn't want you any other way.


MrsNekojeans...shoot yourself in the face.'re twisted but in a good way. You need to write more often.


Dangle...I don't read your political stuff out of a matter of personal preference. Sometimes you are so out in left field on your other stuff I really don't know how to comment. But, you seem real man. I like that.


White Chocolate...please stand behind MrsNekojeans.


Garadain...Write more stuff man. I enjoy it very much.


Major...I don't  think you're married to what's her name, I think you ARE what's her name.


To all the other bloggers...Fuck you! There's a couple I like but can't remember their names they are here so infrequently. If I forgot you please PM me and I will be happy to be mean to you there.


Merry fucking Christmas!


Dark Deunan



Uploaded 12/12/2010
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