More, Even Crazier, Life Defying Activities.

When I was old enough to dress and feed myself, I was around ten years old. My older brother didn't feel the need to take care of me anymore and just left me alone. Previously, if he wanted to go out he would lock me and my brother in the basement. I was finally free to explore the world. Keep in mind, I didn't have any adult supervision and I was extremely curious. I got myself into lots of trouble. From stealing chocolate bars to getting lost miles from home. I always got home safely due to people helping me.

I was about twelve years old when I was fully aware of how to  get around Toronto all day for just a dime. My best friend and I would get into some crazy situations. One day Mike and I found an unlocked roof hatch on top of the Eaton's Centre. We climbed on top of the high glass roof and started to wave at all the tiny people. Some security guards eventually saw us and we took off.

Here is a picture of the roof we ran along.

Back in those days construction site security wasn't a requirement. So on the weekends with some climbing and jumping skills a trouble making kid like myself and friends could venture into any site we wanted to. Many summer days were spent having dirt ball fights while running through partially constructed homes.

On one occasion, I was bombarded by some other kids throwing rocks at me through the windows and doors. They wouldn't let me leave and held me inside for about an hour. They were having a great time trying to bludgeon me. The stones started getting bigger and bigger. Other kids started to join in, I was getting a little worried. Hunger and thirst was becoming a problem. I had to get out.

I told them to stop, but they just laughed and things got worse. I started to gather 2x4 and 2x6 studs. They  could be hurled quite magnificently from a second story window. My first few throws caused most of the boys to retreat into the woods. One boy, not one to be out done, was trying to sneak into house and hit me from the empty staircase. I quietly walked over with a 2x6x4 held horizontally just above the opening. As soon as I saw his foot I dropped it. As he looked up it was, "Hello"! 

The screams rang out and everyone ran away. Later that night I saw my friend with a giant goose egg in the middle of his forehead.   He told me that his father said I was a very bad boy. We went and played some football after that.
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