More Evidence I suck

I like to think that I write for myself. I try to write things that are interesting to me.

"User comments? I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks about my shit. If I like my writing then my writing's a success."

When I logged on today and saw that the comments feature was not working I shrugged and prepared to type a blog. The more I thought about what the topic would be the more I realized that my motivation was just not there. I started telling myself that I would write something tomorrow when the comments are once again visible. eBaums without the comments felt like when you lose power in your home and you need to pee but the bathroom's dark and you SHOULD know where everything is but...

SHIT... I didn't know my ego was that big. Am I really shallow enough that I write to receive instant feedback from a bunch of anonymous screen names and avatars? (BTW, you people who keep changing your avatars hurt my brain. It's like walking into work and a coworker suddenly has a different face.)

So, just to prove myself wrong I will write this blog and post it. I don't need no stinkin' comments from you guys. You losers might be freaking out about the lack of comments but I don't need 'em. Nope. Just gonna' post my blog and go on with my evening. Here I go... not fretting the comments. Gonna post it. Now.

*ugdork sneaks out of bed at 3am, tip-toes to the computer room and quietly checks eBaum to see if the comments are on*

"User comments...who cares anyway?"

Uploaded 09/18/2008
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