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Now, Letemdangle and I agree on many things, but some things we are going to outright disagree on.  I can see that Dangle has a pretty good education, but either he missed Economics or has no idea about how American government operates.

In the U.S, tax dollars build the rail and roads that transport the goods and services travel so that the rich can make their money.  Since Dangle likes to talk about how he works for rich people, here's a video from some rich people.

If you want a productive economy, you have to invest in creating a population which is capable of providing superior goods and services.  You don't do that by cutting education and infrastructure.

Here is one of the patriotic millionaires who agrees with what Robert Reich is saying.

Just because millionaires are upset with Obama, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to vote for Republicans.  There are good Democrats out there who understand the economics of the situation.  They may possibly support a third party candidate if there is no one else who will stand up for common sense and a better America. 

Do I believe in liberty?  Yes.  I also understand that we need a government to provide services that make liberty and quality of life possible.  I understand that we need roads so we can get to those jobs and that we need roads to get to work.  Those roads don't maintain themselves.

Let's hear a little from Honest John.

Uploaded 08/12/2011
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