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A few months ago there was an incident here in the metro Phoenix area involving a K-9 officer with a local police department and his police dog.  The officer was off duty and was out running errands and his dog was with him.  Well, the officer got home and for whatever reason he forgot about his dog and left it in his vehicle.  12 hours later the officer realized he left his dog in the vehicle, but being down here in the hot AZ sun obviously the poor dog did not survive.  Now, the officer has been disciplined and has been charged with animal cruelty, and I am not writing about this to debate whether he should have been charged with a crime or lose his job.  I’m using this incident as an example of the insane reactions that many people had, once this story hit the local media.  There were people who wrote to the media expressing their outrage, which is fine, but there were many people who felt the officer should have been given the death penalty and some went so far as to suggest the officer be left in a hot vehicle for 12 hours in order to suffer the same fate as the dog.  You have got to be kidding me!!!!!  These people need to get a grip and realize first of all, it was an accident and second no animal is more important than a human.  Don’t’ get me wrong, I love animals, and I used to have pets, and I certainly do not agree with the senseless slaughter and cruelty of animals, but you don’t kill a person because they are responsible for the senseless death of an animal.  I’m sure that many of the people who suggested the cop be executed are the same individuals who are against capital punishment.  “Oh, what right do we have to take another person’s life?”  “Who are we to decide when it’s ok to kill another human being?” “That does not make us any better than the convicted killer.”  But, when an animal is hurt or killed, look out, these peace loving anti capital punishment advocates suddenly turn blood thirsty and its time to “string em up.”  Give me a break!!!!  You know the mentality of a dog is a cat is a child is a pig really shows just how some people do not realize animals have their place, but people come first.


When a child is kidnapped, raped, killed and dismembered, I don’t see the same outrage as when an animal is killed, and trust me I pay close attention to these things.  I don’t see anyone stating the child killer should suffer the same fate as the child.  No, all I see are a bunch of naïve and ignorant lawyers going out of their way to make sure the criminal is protected and his rights are not violated, and excuses are made for the killer’s behavior.  And, if the conviction goes through and there is a death sentence, you know as well as I do the protestors will come out of the woodwork on execution day.  Now I’m not writing this to debate capitol punishment, so save your comments for that for another time.  Anyway, how come these same concerned citizens want to kill the dog killer, but not the child killer?  It doesn’t make sense.


And then we have the individuals who feel they have the right to kill somebody for stealing their property.  Now, I’m not talking about someone breaking into your home while your inside, because if I’m at home and someone is breaking in, I guarantee you they are going to be shot dead.  I’m talking about people who shoot at someone breaking into their car while it is parked in the driveway or someone trying to steal their car.  I understand people want to protect their property, but once again, a stolen car or car stereo is not worth killing someone over.  I know not everyone will agree with me on this point, but I have another example of stupidity to share.  Today in Phoenix a married couple and their three year old child were on their way home when a vehicle pulled up beside them and started shooting at them.  This idiot fired five shots into the couple’s vehicle.  Luckily nobody was hit, but later when the police caught up to this guy he stated he had just come out to his vehicle and saw that his car stereo had been taken.  While he was standing at his vehicle this married couple happened to be driving by and this genius saw their vehicle and thought they were responsible for stealing his stereo.  I don’t even really know where to start with that one.  I mean, first of all this guy thinks he has the right to kill someone for stealing his stereo, but then he sees a random vehicle and thinks “Hey that car is driving by, so they must have have taken my stereo.”  Then he gets in his vehicle, chases down innocent people and randomly starts shooting at them.  All over a piece of property.  Needless to say he was charged with five counts of aggravated assault.


Anyway, thanks for listening. 

Uploaded 07/10/2008
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