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school is fun and boring at the same time you should always pay attention to teachers.

im sorry for my last blog but thats me im no dem im independent no dem or republican. thats the way i am so u guys should post messages to me. NOT!!


now lets talk business OBAMA WON no big suprise there but we should of voted Nater the ind. party person to win. are economy is crap and im happy. not. you should care about stuff like that. what im worried about is our envirnment the way its looken we're probably going to be dead in like 20 years we should help and this is how.

  • stop littering when you see some littering stop them and pick it up
  • stoping the pollution to the ocean with out it we will die!
  • and last but not least  stop killing animals and cutting down the rainforests.


so send me comments about that suckers youy all weird for not doing any thing about it. sianara suckers  and type yall later from the upper peninsula signing out

Uploaded 12/04/2008
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