Morning in Sassi di Matera

 The children are excited for the Christmas. They wake up early every morning when I am on holidays. This morning they are up at 5:30, it is our usual time, but I am on vacation. I complain to my wife, why they can't sleep more. My wife says, "they can't wait for Christmas". Bene, bene
!  I crawl out of bed and go to the kitchen to make some breakfast.

My wife tells me, "no, today I cook for you." My wife is an excellent cook, but usually I cook breakfast for the family. So, why not? This morning she is making Crepe Suzette, a French recipe that is simple and I love. It takes some time so I go to tell a story to my girls.

When I was a boy, I grew up on a small farm. My father was uneducated but he was a wise man.
One day when I was thirteen he did tell me a story that was a riddle. He told me one day there will be trouble in your life and you wont know what to do. When this happens, think of this riddle and you will at least save yourself.

There was a chick that would waddle around the barn. One day a cow did shit down on the little chick. The little chick complained and the cow did shit some more onto the little chick. The little chick did tweet , tweet until a wolf heard the annoyed little chick.  The chick did not see the wolf and continued to complain until the cow did shit on the chick to the top of it's head. The chick did chirp as loud as it could, unable to move the wolf did bite down on the chick and ate him. I leave it at that  and we have a great breakfast.

My father told me one day when I was in trouble, and one day you will be, remember this story and it will save you. I thought perhaps my dad was just having some fun with me. Until I had some trouble with my conscription to the army in Italy. I saw some trouble with an officer and a young women.  There were many questions and I started to get nervous. I remembered my fathers story and tried to see his wisdom. I understood that he was teaching me, that when you are up to your eyes in the bullshit, keep your mouth closed.

I said as little as possible and everything was for the best. Maybe one day my little girls have this problem too? I hope they will know the morale of the story.

Before I go. I like you to listen to this beautiful song with the sweet babies!

The American Version.

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