Most "Art" is a Scam

Okay, so I like Monet, Basquiat, Van Gough and some others.  But some junk people call art is absolutely ridiculous.  Just the other day I saw pieces of steel hastily welded together into a jumble of parts.  It was labeled "Man's Dilemma" and was on sale for 75,000 USD.  Seriously?

If you put that thing in your backyard the neighbors would call the community board.  How about I throw some trash on the floor of my apartment and take a picture of it.  I'll call it "Chaos:  Man's aversion to order." and sell it for 10K. 

I saw a collection of work by some weirdo in the Guggenheim (Modern Museum of Art) and one of the pieces was a picture of a man in a Viking costume in front of a cliff.  The other was a piano (not 1 piano but 2 piano's) made out of glue.  Of course there was an assortment of other utter crap. 

I thought the scammers in NYC rode the train, or lured you into their shady business dealings,  or bumped into you on the street.  No, the biggest scammers in NYC run the Guggenheim and they take credit cards.  

Then of course you see a weirdo who is carefully studying these pieces with a beard about 2 feet long, dirty tight jeans, a beret, and circle glasses.  This is the biggest moron in the building.  He thinks this shit actually means something. 

Who is this asshole kidding?  Your studying a piano made out of glue, pal.  Keep walking.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.

I paid to see this garbage.  But who actually buys this crap?  Are they just affluent hoarders that like to store high priced trash?  Do they really need to spend 50K for a conversation piece that looks like garbage?

Maybe I should get into the art business.  I've got quiet a few ideas.  For my first piece I'll smash a Mac book and title it "this machine bears no fruit".  It's only 100K.  Any takers?

Uploaded 09/19/2012
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