most retareded fight ever with me and friend

its pretty retarded,but here it is [[btw:its talking about cow days and this is what we texted each other]] Shelby:hey what time is your soccer? Me:fri or sat? Shelby:both Me:fri 6 and sat 3 Shelby:Do u have 2 go? Me:Yea,i wanna Shelby:o,too bad you didnt tell me you didnt wanna come a week ago.i woulda found someone to come with me. Me:U didnt mention it a week ago so dont try 2 blame u not having anyone 2 go with on me Shelby:i did mention it a week ago probably more and im not tryin,just sayin Me:U know i have soccer on the weekends though Shelby:Yea,but why didnt u mention it when i first brought up cow days Me:The only time you brought up cow days was like 2day and like 2 weeks ago! Shelby:Yea but u knew u had soccer u coulda said something Me:Omg! Poor shelby is going 2 have 2 go 2 that retarded cow days,which i never really wanted 2 go 2 in the first place,with her family! that was the end of the text.... but it gets even better!...... SHE CALLS ME CRYING! about how i called cow days retarded and how i "went to far" with that comment! she literally said that too i told her/yelled at her, that cow days is pretty dumb and i never really wanted to go she was all crying about how i "hurt her feelings and that" its not like i just came out and said that it is dumb and that i tryed to think of an excuse to not hurt feelings in the first place but then she had to go and freak out abou thow she has to go by herself she brought it to herself i think.... anyways...i wanna now what yall think who should apoligize to who first????
Uploaded 09/19/2008
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