Most uncool thing ever.

So if you all read my blog the other day about me going egging, this will make more sense.

So me and my "friends" go egging again. My friend, we'll call him J, is drving. And my other friend, we'll call him X is in the back, and i am in the passenger seat. So we drive through this neighborhood, and X throws an egg at this dudes car that is parked. I saw the guy in the driveway, but i didnt think anything of it. So we go along on our merry way.

So as we are turning, I see this car pulling some Transporter type turns to catch us. He races up and blocks our car off so we cant go anywhere. He jumps out of his car and rips open the driver door and screams," who the fuck threw the egg?!?"

The driver was all like oh, i was yelling at them not to do it. so he goes to my friend in the back seat and yells was it fucking you. IT actually was him who threw it, but my "friend" goes, no it was him. and points at me. I nearly shit my pants because i cant believe that this betryal just took place. the guy starts telling me that im lucky that he doesnt have his gun on him. So i tell him that it wasnt me, but i wasnt quite sure who threw it becuase i didnt want to rat out my "buddy".

So then my friend goes to me, look bro, just man up and stop denying it and tell him it was you. So i insist it wasnt me, but the guy goes get the fuck out of the car. So i hop out and he demands to know my age. then my friend that threw me under the bus gets out and was like, im going to personally clean your car. which i ended up doing. and then the guy says the cops are on the way, and we arent going anywhere. Which also turned out to be a lie. So as im cleaning his car, he goes back to apologize that he freaked out an the driver. So my friend goes to me, and his exact words are, "listen bro, if i get in trouble for this, im going to kick your ass. and if i dont kick your ass, someone else will". 

so then the guy demands to know our address, and i tell him, "look, its all over, just forget about this." so he gives me this huge talk about how would i like it if he came to my house and broke all my windows.because apparently, an egg on a car is the same as hundreds of dollars in broken windows.

but i can honestly understand why he was angry. so he let us go.the most amazing part is that my friend found that what he did was justified!

if anyone else has any similar stories, please do share =D


Uploaded 07/27/2009
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