We obviously all have one. I dont know about you but I have a very special relationship with mine. Sometimes I love her, other times I hate her. For a reason I dont understand she manages to really get under my skin from time to time. As much as we can talk about almost everything, when it comes to what I do with my life she inevitably becomes a control freak.


Ive tried several times to tell her that Im a grown woman now, that Ive been living on my own for over 8 years and that I CAN make my own decisions. She always freaks out and tells me shes older, she has experience and I have none and so on. Shes well intentionned but so annoying. Even if I try to make her understand that when I tell her whats going on in my life, its because I care about her and people you care about should know ongoing events of your life, she wont understand. She keeps accusing me of ignoring her advice completely when I actually listen to everything and do it HER way a lot more than I should. Many times, her advice wasnt that good. What works for her may not always work for me.


But still whenever im really hurting or need help, I call her and shes there. Shes 51 now and even tho shes a smoker Im confident she still has many years left but I already hache when I think that someday, Ill have to go through life on my own, my mom wont be there to protect me anymore. So I guess shes the one person on earth that I will get most mad at but always forgive somehow no matter what.

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