k...i just wanna point out that the remake of Dawn of the Dead is the absolute best zombie movie to date. fuck all this "oh im a zombie...i might manage to stumble over to you in a half an hour" bullshit. the most effective way to get rid of those fuckers is a little power walking. you may even get lucky and avoid a slap fight or two. its like somebody disabled the locks at an old folks home. i mean what could be more terrifying right? if you consider the fact that zombie movies have been around since before the 1920's i think a movie like Dawn of the Dead was long over-due. these were like 1920's zombies on fuckin steroids. If little kids have nightmares about zombies, then little zombies have nightmares about Dawn of the Dead zombies. totally badass. and in my opinion, the first resident evil was almost as good. which brings me to the whole reason behind this blog...i was watching resident evil 2 on tv a few weeks ago... and of course all the big kid stuff has been edited nudity and the word ni**er and fa**ot and what have you. and anyway, the first few scenes show that black guy walkin around and every other word out of his mouth is ni**er so instead of having blank noise, they get creative and replace the n-word with the word like "that motivator almost bit me!" or "those motivators got guns!' i looked and looked for a clip of it but couldnt find probably cuz no1 else but me gives a shit. another one i thought was hilarious but has nothing to do with zombie movies was that one scene in silence of the lambs. the buffalo bill dude is dressing up a like a chic...and hes sitting there puttin lipstick on or whatever and he says to the mirror..."would you fuck me? I would fuck me...I would fuck me hard." and in the edited version, they replace the word "fuck" with "date" so he goes..."Would you date me?....I would date me hard" so someone over there on the editing end must have a sense of humor....that or they're just a bunch of idiots.

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