Motorcycle show and blazing

Yesterday I got to go to a motorcycle show with my dad and Uncle Hans. Ive always loved motorcycles but I was like a kid in a candy shop at this place. Unfortunately I couldn't buy anything.

But fortunately for me I got permission to get my M1 once I turn 16 in March 26. And once I do for my birthday ( but only if I have a job to help pay) My dads buying me my own motorcycle! Of course it will be a used one but Im just happy to get one.

It will be my baby. I swear though if my fatehr even thinks of getting me any other color then black Ill be mildly upset lol ut as long as he doesn't get me a fucking crotch rocket Im good.

So far though these two days have been the best day Ive had in a while. I got told I was going to have my own motorcycle, I got to see my best friend of r the fir titm ein like two weeks, I rolled my first joint, Bought a new bong, And was high for most of all this.

Im pretty fucking happy.

Uploaded 01/03/2009
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