Movie Review "Quills"

The first thing you must understand when it comes to me reviewing movies is that I cannot see any movie until it is out on DVD- having a toddler and no one to babysit does that to a person.  So, if I ever give a movie review, it will be for something that's already out on DVD, and probably somewhat older than some of you may care about.


Last night, my husband and I watched the movie "Quills", made in 2000.  It is a story based on the Marquis de Sade about his time in the insane asylum at Charenton somewhere in the last years of his life (between 1803 and 1814).  For those who are unfamiliar with the Marquis de Sade, he is the person from which the word "sadism/sadist" came from.  He wrote the definitive works on pleasure through giving pain in his many erotic novels. 

The movie, though not exactly perfectly accurate (as most "based on a true story" movies aren't accurate), is gruesome, graphic, vulgar, disturbing, violent, and absolutely fantastic.  The Marquis is played by Geoffrey Rush, Abbe du Coulmier is played by Joaquin Phoenix, Madeleine LeClerc is played by Kate Winslet, and Doctor Royer-Collard is played by Michael Kane. 

This is during the reign of Napoleon, so the Marquis' novels do not go over well with the emperor (though the gentlemen in his company seem to find it amusing).  He orders all the Marquis' books to be burned.  Madeleine LeClerc is a chambermaid in the asylum, and has become a fan and friend of the Marquis and takes his stories, written by quill onto parchment, to a publisher, keeping his works in circulation, despite Napoleon's efforts.

Unfortunately for the Marquis, the emperor sends in a Doctor to try to "cure" the Marquis of his disgusting, lustful ways and writings, attempting to go in over Abbe Coulmier's head.  Coulmier, who has become friends with the Marquis pleads with him to stop allowing his works to be published, as they were supposed to be used only for theraputic purposes, so as to not let those "demons" in his mind act out physically upon the urges he feels. 

Unfortunately, the Abbe's words are not heeded and he is forced to take drastic measures.  He takes away all parchment, quills and ink.  The Marquis finds a different way, though.  Using a wishbone from the cornish game hen given to him for dinner as a quill and wine as ink, he writes his newest story on his bed linens.  When this is discovered, anything that could be used as a quill, ink or parchment is taken from him- no bed, no books, no candles, no dildos (yes, he has several), nothing.

The Marquis becomes rather hysterical, not being able to write.  But he finds something else to use...  His own blood, writing on the clothes on his back. 

The story goes on, with more lust, murder, impure thoughts and dreams, torture and punishment.  It's a fantastic two hours of vulgarity and sexuality.  I give it a five star rating.



Oh, and guys, you get to see Kate Winslet's boobs more than once.  And there's a scene with an MFM threesome.  Just so you know.

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