Moving Day

From what we understand, me and Servine, the Feeders are a semi-nomadic bunch. Constantly moving from place to place in search of better resources. Sometimes the change is a few miles, sometimes its across the world. In my long life, I have been moved around with the Feeder Anna while comrades came and went. If my Feeder had to choose cats, I was always picked. Which is good, since I don't have to worry about starting from square one with any of my plans.


I saw the tall tale signs of a move underway. Items were moved into small containers over the course of a few days. They stuffed me and Servine into their transporting system, and away they went. I tried my best to comfort my adopted sister. The fact that she was beside me meant that they planned to keep her. But moving was a new concept to her, and she panted in nervous fear. I buckled down for the long haul, which turned out to be less then one hour.


Once free, "koko" ran to hide in a corner whilest I went to survey the surroundings. Being the leader, it was up to me to do the jobs Servine was too scared to be ordered to do. It was larger then the previous enclosure, but smaller then the one I had been in before it. There was no new creatures waiting for us, and the structure seemed sturdy. Now, to go back to Servine and try to comfort the stupid kit...

Uploaded 03/14/2011
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