Mr. President

It dosen't take a genius to know that people hate Mr. Bush. Most of it is blind hate or just followers of one sided media putting things in different perspectives and bending the truth. Yes he has had a failed policy, ok and? It's the job. What, you would feel better if we hadn't gone to war? What, just let attacks like this reoccur? That shows how much some of you think. The reason the war spilled over to Iraq was because of Al-queda and Taliban was pushed back into the country from afganistan, just like it's been done to Pakistan.

And on September 11, at mid-morning, this was the man, Mr Bush, was thrusted into a position only known by Roosevelt, Churchill, Lincoln, and Washington. The weight of the world and country was on his shoulders, and the responsibility of a generation was on his soul. So this same man---the one that the media repeatedly attempted to tarnish with charges of "illegitimacy," and the one whose political opponents desperately sought to stonewall until mid-term elections---walked to his seat at the front of the National Cathedral just three days after the two most impressive symbols of American capitalism and prosperity virtually evaporated, along with thousands of Americans.

As he sat down next to his wife, immediately I knew that even if his faith ever faltered, hers didn't. I firmly believe when the history of this time is written, it will be acknowledged by friend and foe alike that President George W. Bush came of age in that cathedral and lifted a nation off its knees. It wasn't so much his words, though read a decade later, they will indeed be as stirring as any. This conflict would end, he noted, ". . . at a time of our choosing."

It certainly wasn't his emotion. What had to have been one of the most stunning exhibitions of self-control in presidential history, W was able to deliver his remarks without losing either his resolve or his focus, or, more important, his confidence. It was as if God's hand, now rested fully on him.

His quiet confidence let our enemies know . . . and believe me, they know. . . that they made a grave miscalculation. Now, this same man who practiced his faith through a tough election, who steeled his convictions even more in a drawn-out Florida battle, and who never once gave in to the temptation to get in the gutter with his foes now lifted the weight of the world and the responsibility of a generation is being put down as an animal, a war-monger, a killer. It's sad when a nation that is now safer than before can't back up their own President.

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Uploaded 10/05/2008
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