In my opinion most of the worlds troubles come from poor self image. This Channel has projected this on everyone. This is also one of the egotistical, most sexist, most stereotypical channel ever to exist. There was one point there was music on MTV, There was one point where they weren't spewing crap in everywhere. They now have nothing but shows (that mostly suck) and shitty groups (Good Charlotte, Rap) then kids look up to these assholes for substanance. This company owns Nickelodeon. another shit spewer. Anyway, MTV releases mostly cRAP and its not music. its a guy yelling or talking really fast to music. YEAH! anyway they then release very sexist very stupid remarks on thier channel an a stupid attempt to create stupid new slang (like "Dank") and their horrible producers will try and make anything look cool by using some hack celebrity (Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, They are hot though) and sadly enough people fall for this shit. Fuck that shit. Those producers are like sitcom producers. they released a show that I'm sure everyone has heard of, called REAL WORLD. It's not Raw or gritty, its just stupid, how hard is it to live in a house with a few other people. I'm pretty sure that if you were to get real people in that show, not shitty actors (and don't give me this shit that its real, They have angled shots, there is nothing real about it) that you'll find that they are all shy little shits, if I were on that show I would shit in a sink... anyway then they release the show MAKING THE BAND. Which is REAL WORLD 2 in its own sense. Then because Jackass was succesful, they make VIVA LA BAM and WILD BOYZzzz. They are the same thing. and stupid people get famous for it. FUCK THAT. that show is stupid too. Lets hurt ourselves for money. I hope they all get brain tumors and die. and then you fucking people watch these shows and let them get away with this shit. what, That guy was on MTV, OH MY GOD HIS SONGS ARE COOL (for all you genious's out there, I'm being sarcastic) Derp. anyway MTV has led more people to stupidity then any other channel. Everytime you watch it you should have your fingers chopped off

Uploaded 01/30/2009
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