I don't think the government get's what people want. Which is wrong, they're supposed to give us what the majority wants. The fuck they think they know whats good for us? I had a half dream/ half drunk philosophy awakening it was weird don't ask: Listen, if you had a whole bunch of money, you'd fight to the death for it, just like Smog from Lord of the Rings. Imagine years ago in America, the rail road companies piling up wealth. The good government back then tried to stop monopolies. Okay but they still had wealth, and the more money you have the more you can make. Well it keep building up and building up. You'd like to think that money can't buy anything but it really fucking can. Especially in a capitalist society. Which we are trying to convert the whole world into. If you don't think there's a filthy ass rich man sitting behind the curtain telling the whole government what to do you're wrong. If it's not one, it's many. And the ones that have the wealth will not give it up, so long as they live. Me personally don't give a shit about money. I thought I did but it was because of the freedom it buys. If I could own some property outright, not owe anyone shit, and live off the land. I'd be a happy man. I just don't want anyone to fuck with me. On the other hand, if I had enough to raise an army and cause problems I would just for the lolz.

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