Musec thease days

I was lisening 2 mai old bahamen best of on vinel last nite and something hit me. i was lisening to music that was created during a renesance tipe era in music history. the bahamen had made something no one had evr herd b4. i got 2 thinking, wat hapened 2 2days music? shure u stil hav some artists who r doing cool and gnu things, lik lady gagaa and niki minash, but a lot of bands r just doing the same old thing! theas young kids r lisening 2 stuf lik beirut and arcades fire and r saying how great it is... they do realise that these bands r using aktual instruments? i meen evrything can be done on computers nowadays, so y not? if u use reel instruments, their must be something rong w/ u. i made a sik drum beet the other day by just tiping on mai keybord. wat is rong w/ thease kids? i meen seriosly? reel instrumesnts? sum kid did mak a gnu tipe of guitar that was prety cool tho. it was very low sounding and had only 4 strings. i askd him y his gutar had 4 strings and he said he dont kno. y r kids so disrespektful 2 me? i hav no blus clus as 2 y? pls help me figur it all out. 8D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Uploaded 12/12/2012
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