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So I guess my favorite type of music would be the hardcore, screamo, rock music (my favorite band is Emery.. next would be either Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, or Underoath... then I absolutely love The Recieving End of Sirens.. huge fan of Chiodos that's just a few bands.) ... I don't like all the bands who play that type of music.. and I'm not Emo in the least bit... I don't like pop, metal, or country... I can put up with some rap... I mean I have a few rap cd's... but it's all underground stuff...  So I guess the question I have is do you believe that you can listen to one style of music, and dress another way?... like most kids who listen to "emo" music, dress like they listen to emo music.. same way with the people who listen to metal music, dress like they listen to metal music... and I know it's stereotyping, but you can't help but stereotype some people... but if you looked at me without knowing me, then you probably would have no idea what I listened to... And the other question is... who's your favorite band?  Just give a shout out... and please don't be an ass hole and call me gay or an idiot for the type of music I listen to... everyone has a favorite kind of music, or favorite band..  so anyway just let me know.

Uploaded 10/12/2008
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