Music is my life, well a majority of it. For years I never knew why people even liked music at all it was just some sounds that kind of worked together to make another sound. I didn't realise what music was, not just sound but sound with a purpose. Anyway I did enjoy games and stuff for a while but that all got very boring very fast. I was like the game king but I now hated them for the boredom I had for them. Movies, video clips, animation, I tried everything to find something I liked but I never thought it would music. I never understood dancing either, I found no point in making yourself look like a complete moron in front of a mass of people. My understanding for music and dancing and pretty much life came to me when I was 14 at a dance. I saw my fellow students and equals enjoying the music and dancing so I tried to dance. I was very bad at it and looked like I was posessed but when it ended I was very happy. I had no idea why but I just was, so I simply asked the girl I liked for her number and right there she just gave me her number and I wrote it down. After then every time I heard a good song on the radio, which rarely ever left my side, I would feel the same pure happiness I felt then and I would also feel the courage I did then. Even to this day whenever a song that has just the right notes comes on I still get that feeling of happiness. I find this phenomenon quite amusing and would like to hear if anyone else has this type of feeling for music, or anything for that matter.

Uploaded 03/28/2009
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