Well since No_U asked me, I'll illustrate  why I find it hard to enjoy today's electronic music.
The dance club electronic quick beat music, while great for bopping your head, like Tyeada's avatar having a stroke and causing seizure inducing strobe light effects to the brain, simply lacks emoition. Some call it soul or spirit. Some people, understandably, like things cold and void of emotion at times. It is like a fuck instead of  making love. Personally, I don't think I could just fuck someone without feeling something, but I know a lot of people who could.

When I hear music I get a visual in my head that feeds my emotions. With modern electronica music all I see is some body cutting and pasting prerecorded tracks of synthesized music, speeding or slowing the beat, throwing in a simple little three note melody, rinse, lather and repeat.

Now if you go back in time to the seventies and listen to some Tangerine Dream, there is some awesome soul drenched synthesized music. High or dry this music has something to offer. I saw these guys in concert while in an Acid induced state.  You have to just sit back relax to feel it. I hope you can sense the difference?


Uploaded 11/29/2010
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