Mustang VS. Camaro

For the last couple of years, my dad has been continuously buying fox body mustangs (80s early 90s). He buys them to fix them and resell because hes got what seems like thousands of parts for them. Well anyway, I recently got my driver's lisence and hes been asking me to find myself a mustang that I like but that is where I  have a problem. I honestly am sick and tired of seeing so many mustangs around my yard, I want something different, that being a Camaro. Obviously the Ford and Chevy rivalry comes into play do to the fact that both my parents drive Fords. Its been a joke around my house that I'm a "trader" and I'm not his kid, but it's all in good fun. What I want to know is should i get a Mustang or a Camaro. If I get a mustang, I can easily fix it if I get into any kind of fender bender of any sorts. But if I get a Camaro I will be happier but fixing it will be a little tougher if that fender bender ever happens.

Uploaded 08/31/2008
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