My 4 way with White_Chocolate....

PREFACE:  White sent me a link to a group that was nothing there.  I then told him i got a funk error message from visiting the group (see pic :  And basically told him that it was his fault, and now the mods think he was tring to glitch the system to cheat and gain points. Hilarity ensues.( a video of his reaction is coming soon!)

White_Chocolate:i know i sawit makes no sense

[4:02pm] UsedCarMan:it was it was hat fucked up group link you sent me

[4:02pm] White_Chocolate:but if it was me it would have been on that blank pagebut i went to the link too and nothing happenedsomeone deleted my group

[4:03pm] UsedCarMan:it only happens 1 timeand the group deletes after that

[4:03pm] White_Chocolate:how?:S

[4:03pm] UsedCarMan:its a glitch in the PHP

[4:04pm] White_Chocolate:well i didnt mean to and i had no clue something weird like that had happenedpeople went to that link yesterdayand it worked fine :S

[4:04pm] UsedCarMan: check the description now

[4:05pm] White_Chocolate:but ucm it wasnt me, cuz that link worked real nice

[4:07pm] White_Chocolate:lol featured?ucm dont points not do anything anymore?[4:08pm] UsedCarMan:i knowi have to FUCKING START OVER YOU FUCK

[4:21pm] UsedCarMan:k that should be good, thankxyou account fucker upper

[4:22pm] White_Chocolate:hey it wasnt meblame ebaumsi want to see the gallery when im done

[4:23pm] White_Chocolate:...not that im going to fap or anything....NOICEimma talk to pp about that glitch thing

[4:23pm] UsedCarMan:k, ill BRB

[4:23pm] White_Chocolate:but hes not on and ok

(DREAD08 GETS IN ON THE PRANK)------------------------------------------------------------

[4:33pm] White_Chocolate: im asking dread what he can do about it[4:35pm] White_Chocolate: UCMSTOP TRICKING ME

[4:35pm] UsedCarMan:hey 1 sec[4:35pm] White_Chocolate:IM GULLABLE

[4:35pm] UsedCarMan:im doing a flash

[4:35pm] White_Chocolate:YOU PUNKD MEAGAIN

[4:36pm] UsedCarMan:what are you talking about?[4:36pm] White_Chocolate:dread said you were probably fucking with me

[4:36pm] UsedCarMan:nah hes telling me now what he thinks happened

[4:37pm] White_Chocolate:what does he think happened

[4:38pm] UsedCarMan:well they have a system in place to detect people trying to glitch to earn pointsand whatever happened to the group as i went to view it triggered it

[4:38pm] White_Chocolate:the group got deleted the second you viewed it somehow

[4:38pm] UsedCarMan:basically anything that the servers dont understand or ins't normal is percieved as a glitch

[4:39pm] White_Chocolate:because when i checked the link it workedbut after you went to it it didnt[4:40pm]who can delete groups?

[4:40pm] UsedCarMan:i dont think it was a person that deleted the grouponly the creators and PP or Jfetus

[4:40pm] White_Chocolate:would they delete a group that had a swear word in it

[4:41pm] UsedCarMan:i dont think so

[4:41pm] White_Chocolate:well thats very strange, because pp didnt delete it and i didntbut i dont know who jfetus is[4:45pm]i think my account is going bye bye

[4:47pm] UsedCarMan:hold on

[4:48pm] White_Chocolate:well dread said my account is under review by the staff

[4:49pm] UsedCarMan:oh damn

[4:49pm] White_Chocolate:and that because i have spam blogs and stuff it may not go wellbut the stupid thing is i cant delete my blogs for some reason

[4:50pm]they have to make sure it was a glitch and not me who did that to you

[4:50pm] UsedCarMan:yeah, im telling you people are trying to glitch to get points fast to get prizes

[4:51pm] White_Chocolate:well you know it wasnt my intention to have that happen right?

[4:51pm] UsedCarMan:yeah, ill vouch for ya

[4:51pm] White_Chocolate:and we both know im no where near as smart enough to like hack the system[4:52pm]i have a strange feeling that dread strongly dislikes me

[4:52pm] UsedCarMan:nah, dread cool guy

[4:52pm] White_Chocolate:yeah hes coolbut im pretty sure he hates me

[4:53pm] UsedCarMan:nah

[4:53pm] White_Chocolate:ucm why does it say my blog is featured ?:S

[4:54pm] UsedCarMan:oh shit that is really not good,  a blog?

[4:54pm] White_Chocolate:yeah :S

[4:54pm] UsedCarMan:link me...welll waitill go look at it myself, cant trust your links!

4:54pm] White_Chocolate:i pressed remove from uploads

[4:54pm] UsedCarMan:i dont trust you

[4:54pm] White_Chocolate:and it said

[4:55pm]" Users may not delete featured media. please contact the webmaster if you want this item removed"

(Dreads / White Convo)-------------------------------------------------------------------------

[4:32pm] DreaD08:yo

[4:32pm] White_Chocolate:do you know what happened to ucm yet

[4:32pm] DreaD08:huh?

[4:33pm] The hell you talking about

[4:33pm] White_Chocolate:do you have him on this meebo chat?click the link under his name

[4:33pm] DreaD08:He's fucking around

[4:33pm] White_Chocolate:really?that cant happen can it?

[4:33pm] DreaD08:it can but he's fucking with you

[4:33pm] White_Chocolate:if hes fucking around he takes his pranks to the fucking extreme lmao[4:34pm] cause he went into livechat and told everyone he wanted to kill melolz

[4:34pm] DreaD08:one sec let me check the books

[4:35pm] White_Chocolate:i think he is pranking me though

[4:35pm] DreaD08:uh oh

[4:35pm] White_Chocolate:what

[4:35pm] DreaD08:ok what the fuck happened

[4:35pm] White_Chocolate:i made a group last night i sent people links to the group, i send ucm a link to the group[4:36pm] the group is no longer there[4:37pm] it like dissapeard and then ucm said like 2 mins later that that msg came up

[4:42pm] DreaD08:okwell good news and bad news

[4:42pm] White_Chocolate:good?

[4:42pm] DreaD08:Your acount and all actions pertaining are under review[4:43pm] thats bad

[4:43pm] White_Chocolate:mine?and the good ?

[4:43pm] DreaD08:yea apparetly the stsff are review all the media content and spam blogsnot good

[4:44pm] White_Chocolate:yes and wheres the good news?

[4:44pm] DreaD08:good news is if you can proove it's just a glitch you should be fine

[4:44pm] White_Chocolate:lol well i didnt do it thats for sure

[4:44pm] DreaD08:but that doesn't show up in the code

[4:45pm] White_Chocolate:so if it doesnt go well my account gets banned right?[4:45pm] DreaD08:I honestly cant tell you, I don't know

[4:46pm] White_Chocolate:so we have to some how prove it wasnt me and it was a glitch?

[4:46pm] DreaD08:I'm looking into itgimme a few

[4:47pm] White_Chocolate:okjust msg me and let me know

(Pepper Joins The Fun)--------------------------------------------------------------------------PepperPeanut: so what now?White_Chocolate:and then the next morning told me it was him cause he was drunk[1:01pm]lmao go to the link in ucms status msg[1:03pm]he blames it on mame*[1:23pm]PPPPPP emergency

[1:57pm] PepperPeanut:what's up dude

[1:58pm] White_Chocolate:well you seeim fuckeducm's account thing with the groupwas realand now my account is being looked at by staff :|

[1:59pm] PepperPeanut:that's what i heard too

[1:59pm] White_Chocolate:do you think itll get banned?

[2:00pm] PepperPeanut:sadly, it's not up to meI can try to put in a good wordbut they've been really testy lately

[2:01pm] White_Chocolate:is that whatll happen though?

[2:01pm] PepperPeanut:depending on the severity I've heard that charges have been pressed, but I don't really understand how they could be

[2:01pm] White_Chocolate:charges? :S[2:02pm]do you think charges will be pressed against me?

PepperPeanut:i doubt itbut it's happenedso what exactly happened

[2:02pm] White_Chocolate:i made a group last night[2:03pm]i sent the link to ucm he clicked the linkand the group was gone

[2:03pm] PepperPeanut:shit

[2:03pm] White_Chocolate:and then that happendand we have no clue why or how

[2:03pm] PepperPeanut:okay, brb

[2:03pm] White_Chocolate:ok

[2:03pm] PepperPeanut:that doesn't sound cirminal to mebut let me check

[2:03pm] White_Chocolate:ok good

(Now to finish it off)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

White_Chocolate:what could i get charged with?

[5:04pm] UsedCarMan:i dunnomaybe like intent to fraud

[5:04pm] White_Chocolate:well i have no intent to fraudwhat so everconsidering i dont even know how to

[5:05pm] UsedCarMan:or altering content with malicious intent.

[5:05pm] White_Chocolate:i didnt have any intentmy intent was that you would join my groupand then i would have more then one person in it

[5:06pm] UsedCarMan:well i know thatbut its not my call and shit

[5:06pm] White_Chocolate:i know

[5:06pm] UsedCarMan:corporates are all uptight and shit

[5:06pm] White_Chocolate:i know

[5:06pm] UsedCarMan:so if they think some one is trying to cheat them out of prizesor damage the sitethey have a cow

[5:07pm] White_Chocolate:i wouldnt do either

[5:07pm] UsedCarMan:hold ongotta piss brb

[5:07pm] White_Chocolate:lol ok

[5:09pm] UsedCarMan:white, this is from me and PP dood:

UsedCarMan:yo sup dude?

[5:03pm] PepperPeanut:its not looking good for W_C

[5:03pm] UsedCarMan:oh no?

[5:04pm] PepperPeanut:yeah, Tom (the executive) istripping about the glitch,thinks its a hack

[5:04pm] UsedCarMan:no shit?

[5:06pm] PepperPeanut:yeah, talking bout banningby ip, deleting account andsuing - intent to defraud andcriminal mischief

[5:10pm] White_Chocolate:i had no intent to defraud

[5:11pm] UsedCarMan:yeah i told him that(dread08, 1 more time, just to seal the deal)-------------------------------------------------

DreaD08:PP messaged me and shit was going down

[5:09pm] White_Chocolate:i knowi heard

[5:09pm] DreaD08:Apperitly the Project Manager of the site is Pissedsorry typo

[5:10pm] White_Chocolate:i had no intent to do anything wrong

[5:10pm] DreaD08:yea, but they honestly don't care

[5:10pm] White_Chocolate:dread

[5:10pm] DreaD08:all on the code to the site

[5:10pm] White_Chocolate:can you tell them they can ip ban meand delete my account

[5:11pm] DreaD08:I don't know........

[5:11pm] White_Chocolate:because im fine with that

[5:12pm] DreaD08:all I know its bussiness to them and money is involved

[5:12pm] White_Chocolate:i know

[5:12pm] DreaD08:talking about charging or some shit

[5:12pm] White_Chocolate:but i dont even know what happened

[5:12pm] DreaD08:I dont think it will get to that level

[5:12pm] White_Chocolate:dread

[5:13pm] DreaD08:but it did happen to UofL3000

[5:13pm] White_Chocolate:will telling them what my parents do help?

[5:13pm] DreaD08:Kepp it in house for now ok

[5:13pm] White_Chocolate:dreadcan i tell you though?

[5:13pm] DreaD08:we'll get ya

[5:13pm] White_Chocolate:what do you mean?

[5:14pm] DreaD08:back ya

[5:14pm] White_Chocolate:youll help me?

[5:14pm] DreaD08:a glitch is a glitch man

[5:14pm] White_Chocolate:thank you very much

[5:14pm] DreaD08:happens alot

[5:14pm] DreaD08:but unfortunately it happend to you

[5:14pm] White_Chocolate:so i would have absolutely no intent of de frauding

[5:15pm] DreaD08:we'll get it settle mangive me 5 I'mma call them up again

(nail in the coffin)_______________________________________________________

White_Chocolate:i had no intent to defraud

[5:11pm] UsedCarMan:yeah i told him that

[5:11pm] White_Chocolate:ok good, ucm tell them they can ban meand delete my account

[5:12pm] UsedCarMan:nah were trying to figure out exactly what happened, first

[5:12pm] White_Chocolate:okwell if it comes down to it

[5:12pm] UsedCarMan:cause we dont want you baned and deleted, cause they still will wanna press charges

[5:12pm] White_Chocolate:why do they want to press charges?:S

[5:13pm] White_Chocolate: if they want to they can ban and delete me

[5:13pm] UsedCarMan:if they think it was malicious intentions like your trying to cheat them or some shit

[5:13pm] White_Chocolate:but i dont know how to im not smart with computers at all t

[5:16pm] UsedCarMan:Cyber Law Enforcement Code 319 Section 1m Paragraph 15-2:Malicious activity on a website may constitute up to 5 years in prison, if it is determined monetary gain was sought, more time may be added or if the attacker was a non resident of the country.

[5:16pm] White_Chocolate:so i have no intent of any criminal[5:17pm]thats insane

[5:17pm] UsedCarMan:it isfuck dood you could be looking at jail timeif the staff wants to [5:17pm] White_Chocolate:do you think they would ?[5:18pm]i have to go eat supperill be on after

White_Chocolate:im back

[5:24pm] UsedCarMan:you ate that fast?

[5:25pm] White_Chocolate:yes

[5:25pm] UsedCarMan:damn what the hell was it

[5:25pm] White_Chocolate:im freaking out.....fajitas

[5:25pm] UsedCarMan:nice

[5:25pm] White_Chocolate:but im freaking outlike i think i have a stomach ulcer

[5:25pm] UsedCarMan:what?from what

[5:25pm] White_Chocolate:stressim scared

[5:25pm] UsedCarMan:ooh

[5:26pm] White_Chocolate:do you think it will be ok?

[5:26pm] UsedCarMan:it should bebut you might wanna start lifting weights now

[5:26pm] White_Chocolate:lol why ?

[5:26pm] UsedCarMan:so your not some one's bitch, worst case scenario

[5:26pm] White_Chocolate:are you coming to kill me ucm?im already your bitch lets get real here

[5:27pm] UsedCarMan:no im not gonna hurt you

[5:27pm] White_Chocolate:i know

[5:27pm] UsedCarMan:im saying so if you do go to jail, they dont pound that asshole of yours

[5:27pm] White_Chocolate:lmao

[5:30pm] UsedCarMan:damn

[5:31pm] White_Chocolate:what

[5:31pm] UsedCarMan:looks like we both might be getting fucked

[5:31pm] White_Chocolate:how?

[5:31pm] UsedCarMan:they're not sure if they can un-devalidate my points

[5:31pm] White_Chocolate:what does that mean?

[5:32pm] UsedCarMan:well you maybe going to jail basically they will have to delete my points, clone the account, and ill have to start at 0...

[5:32pm] White_Chocolate:fuck...i'm fucked..they can delete my going to jail aren't i?

---------------------------------------------------we then invite him into chat and get him on cam and tell him the truth. The look of relief on his face was epic.!

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