My Adventure In Power Hour -

First of all I'm just gonna throw it out there... Last night I decided to drain my bladder all over the living room floor, next to the X-Box, in front of the 72'', on the DVD's, and on the Rock Band Gear. - this is my story -

My normal Thursday night consists of "ME" time;  meaning Mel (my girlfriend) goes out to ladies night with her girlfriends and I get to work on guitar, play x-box, whatever I feel like doing... Last night unfolded quite differently.For those of you who don't know, "Power Hour" is a drinking came that basically consists of taking a shot of beer (and jello shots in last nights case) every minute for an hour. Simple right? You play to a song mix that changes every minute so you know when to take your shot. Its' actually quite fun but almost always results in spilled drinks, wandering, and uncontrollable laughing by minute 45 - no one really finishes..

Same story last night - Me, Melanie, Eddy, and Michelle were doing our thing, almost finished power hour and all decided to call it quits and go to bed. The next thing I remember is walking out of my bedroom butt ass naked to go to the bathroom,  I hear my name called from the living room area, " Bruce, Bruce " - it's Eddy, he's outside on the patio having a smoke - Now I'm not sure if that really happened but that's how I remember it - Anyway - I walk my butt ass naked, half asleep self to the living room, stand in front of Eddy's 72 inch TV, and just start peeing...I'm looking down at the open DVD case that I'm urinating on thinking to myself, "hey, it's Cloverfield, I really like that movie"  Eddy is behind me " Bruce! Bruce, (laughing so hard he can barely breath) BRUCE BRUCE WHAT ARE BRUCE BRUCE! BRUCE WHAAAAATT ARE YOU DOING!!" I can only imagine what was going through his head -

I snap out of it! ..Pinch my lizard(which is quite painful mind you)  and run my still butt ass naked self to bathroom to finish the deed - keep in mind I have A LOT of beer in my bladder - Now I'm thinking to myself "What the hell, what, why, how" I put on some sweats and head out to inspect the damage. Eddy is still laughing...

Anyway I ended up cleaning up my mess, took a shower, and went back to bed. Here I am at work only an hour late and already Melanie has manged to tell every person she has come in contact with, hence, why I posted my views on the evening - I guess the moral of the story is... If your gonna do power hour, make sure you have a cool roommate who laughs instead of punches. Thanks for being a good sporty Eddy :PPS - I checked the x-box and electronics this morning and everything is working.. I also sanitized that area.


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