My Anti American Blog!

The title over emphasizes what words I am about to write here. It is not  about being against any American or American institution. Rather it is a concept that recognizes the American experience, it's spirit, where it is today and what lies ahead as experienced and imagined by the American people.

These concepts are not limited to the US, they, if I am correct, are globally experienced. However, the struggle within the US, at this time, is an important concern within my own life and for those who can view this blog.

My friends we have been duped. Not by politicians, big business, big pharma, the green movement or the elite. We have been tricked by our own consciousness.  Yes, we all know television, radio and mass media has filled our heads with concepts and ways of living as they wish us to be. We have simply submitted due to our own laziness and desire to fit in. When we are young it starts with the correct toy inventory, that quickly becomes clothes, music and social concepts.

The problem with America actually has it's roots buried under two hundred years of doing the right thing, (with some exceptions). Quickly followed by  sixty years of pretend you are doing the right thing, regardless of the facts. More recently it is more like, do what you need to do, all the while pretending you are doing the right thing.

The people of the US are mostly genuinely decent people. There are many examples of their generosity and courage. That, unfortunately is what has placed them in a very volatile position.
Most people would agree killing others or taking their bling is wrong. We view ourselves as considerate and loving people and would defend that position.

There is a problem for the managers of our society however, they must in one hand provide the resources the public desires, while at the same time acquiring them in a socially acceptable manner. Stealing and killing is bad!  So those reasons have to be presented in more acceptable ways.

Examples of this could be, "They have weapons of mass destruction." Or, "Gadaffi is a dictator." My favorite was, "The printer cartridges have white powder on them."
In this way the people can wave off the assault as an ethical justification.

My approach to politics and the World to solve our economic and moral dilemma is quite different.
First lets stop pretending we are morally superior. Shit, half the characters on eBaums would be great examples of that.  America should just admit to itself and it's people, they  want the good life with big homes, tender steaks, cheap wine and fast cars. Americans are ruthless in their desire and suckers around the world will do as they are told.

This may seem extreme, but it solves what I see is a mass confusion of consciousness within American society.  Canada too has experienced this, but we have lots of trees to pick on for the next fifty years or so.

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