My Artistic Intent

                 eBaumsworld is my Facebook. Im on here constantly, much like people are on Facebook. I find Facebook to be congested and bloated with too much useless crap to sift through. Whenever I post on Facebook, it is usually video links to one of my two artman4444 profiles on YouTube and eBaums. Even with these relatively few wall posts on the book, I notice that my stuff is lost in the constant wave of stupid bullshit and annoying stat updates.

                I find my videos get more exposure on eBaumsworld, perhaps because it is a much smaller crowd here. Its easier to get noticed in a pond, then a huge ocean, know what I mean? I dont get many features on here, but thats fine. I dont think my tastes appeal to the mods here, or to the powers that be that run everything. Features do not interest me. What does interest me is the reactions I get from my audience.

                   Thats how I look at any person watching my stuff. You are my audience. You want to be entertained, or hopefully, to have something that is thought-provoking for you. I try my best to show my philosophy and thoughts on various topics (and the occasional trashy Mature vids, to be honest LMFAO) My videos climb in views, and I like to think Im gaining a notoriety around here, if nothing else, for the sheer number of uploads I have on here. As of today, I have 733 uploads. I like to work fast.

                I tend to add any person who is not on my buddy list. I want my audience to grow, and grow it has.  However, I know some trolls have taken a notice to me as well, and my ratings are taking a hit because of that. LISTEN UP ASSHOLES, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. The lowest ratings I usually give on this site are 3. A one-star rating is unacceptable, unless I truly feel the video or pic is very insulting, offensive, or if its just plain boring. I can probably count on two hands how many times Ive given a one-star rating. A 3 star can still allow your rating to raise to 4 ½ if given enough time.

                 Therefore, from now on whenever I get a 1 star, I will use a well-known trick to see who it was and I will block them. I have no patience for trolls, or jealous douche-bags. I have no quarrel with anyone. I will be a friend, or neutral in the case that I block a user.

               Consider this my pronouncement of artistic intent. I have art to create, you have been warned.

Thank you

Uploaded 10/16/2011
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