My attempt at perfect government

This is just an experiment to see if I can diagnose the problems of human communties. Feel free to shoot holes in my logic, I know you want to.


The failing of capitalism at it's base, leaving subsistence to the individual, is that in the lack of support whatsoever sucess and thus survival is only accorded to the fortunate, ruthless, and/or greedy. likely karl marx perceived of this but his failing in the development of marxism and subsequent creation by others of socialism and communism was in assuming all could be taken care of by any ruling body. The failing here is the idea that so many humans could really be a legitimate cocnern for a single ruling body, which is impossible. a single ruling body or ruler will always be self serving, this cannot be helped as humans are fundamnetally tribal. all resources would be comsumed in thier entirety otherwise.


The only solution to this is the best of both theories. Community is nescesary, only the ruthless survive alone. yet one community cannot be to vast, for this cannot be ruled or controlled. segments of communal living that function within based on mutual survival, and trade service and product inter community based on economic need and functionality.


Everyone's needs are served if no one has to be alone, even if times are hard they are hard for everyone, but only within thier own tribe. A community cannot be larger then 150 individuals or we can no longer conceptualize everyone as human. Sure we can understand it, but it's foolish to think it's possible to live it. After a certain amount, everyone is just a vague idea to us.


If there is a need for inter community trade it will overide the need for wrfare. If you are not in conflict over your resources but in fact need mutual trade for them it works out well. That is not to say there should be no conflict at all. Population control would not maintain unless communtiies had boundaries. If one could leave thier communtiy boundry and wander off as we can now, then population pressure would be relieved by sending individuals off. By keeping them there communties are forced to deal with thier own population control.


To deal briefly with other types of government:Monarchy, oligarchy, aristocracy: same problem as socialism. No one can be expected to reasonably represent so manyTrue democracy: subject to the tyrany of the majority. certain people will lack representation simply becuase they do not fall into a common groupAnarchy: transition stage, never maintains. Someone will seize power always.

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