My beef with the Animal Humane Society

A while ago, I was looking to adopt a new cat.  I figured that I would be a good person and animal lover and check out the local pound to see if they had some kitties up for adoption.


I go in, mind you this is a small town were talking about, and the place was packed. Rows and rows of tiny cages filled with cats of all ages trying to get out. I took a look around and saw a cute calico kitten who obviously didn't like being there.  He was clawing at the cage latches and wouldn't stop meowing.  I felt sorry for the bugger and asked the lady what the associated fees were to adopt him.  My heart sunk when she told me it was $60 - without any neutering and shots, and by adopting I was obligated to have the pet fixed, and up to date with shots (upwards of another $400) within a month of adopting.  They required these records, and without them they have animal control TAKE THE CAT BACK - no refund.  What the fuck is that?  Do I really want these people keeping tabs on me? This is ridiculous.


1.  If you're so damn overpopulated wtf is with all of these restrictions?  They complain about the number of animals being put down, when asking for donations... but when you go to get one it's like pulling teeth. 

2. I can't sell someone a car on the condition that they keep the custom spoiler... or paint it a different colour.  Adopting an otherwise unwanted animal shouldn't resemble mortgage contract contingencies...

3. Don't these people know that it would be so much easier for people to just adopt any one of the many kittens people GIVE AWAY FOR FREE?  Why would someone subject themselves to all of these restrictions and utter bullshit if they have the option of getting one for free from someone who just wants to get rid of them?

4. What would happen if I didn't adopt it...? It would be put down to make room for the next batch of death row inmates.  How about I just do you all the favor, take the cat off your hands, and then you don't worry about it anymore? Win win right?


Like seriously... if they truly want to see these animals go to good homes, and not die needlessly, they sure do have a queer way of showing it.  I don't get it... they get their adoption fee, they don't have to spend the money on euthanizing or feeding it, it makes room for other poor animals, and customers walk away with a loving companion.

I told these people that I couldn't meet their deadline for the expensive neutering, but insured them that the cat would be an indoor cat for the rest of it's life.  It was then that they asked me to LEAVE!!!!! They said they couldn't adopt to anyone who was unwilling to comply, and basically explained to me that somehow I'm a part of the problem.


These animals have a better chance at a good life being neighborhood pests.  DON'T ABANDON YOUR PET AT ONE OF THESE ESTABLISHMENTS AS IT WILL MOST LIKELY BE KILLED BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO BE GIVING IT A CHANCE.  Your best bet, and the animal's best bet would be for you to leave it on some country road, and let it fend for it's self.  Otherwise you'll just be leaving it to be contained in a small cage to wallow in it's own piss and shit.  It might be adopted, but chances are, it won't be, and it will be put down. 


My heart goes out to non-kill shelters and animal foster parents who actually care for an animal enough to realize that they are not disposable or pests, but potential long term companions that deserve the right to life without heavy restrictions and penalties putting a damper on their future.


If I had the means, I would have adopted every pet they had and complied with the rules in order to provide some sort of justice for these animals.  Truth is.. not everyone who wants or has a pet has the money to pay for expensive vet bills... it doesn't mean they shouldn't have them, or that they cannot be responsible and loving caregivers... some people just can't spend $500 in a month's time (that's how long they gave me) on non-necessities.  Does that mean people should be denied pets that would otherwise just be put down?  I don't think so.   It breaks my heart to have to leave that little calico kitty and his fellow inmates in that god forsaken concentration camp. To this day it bothers me knowing that he probably didn't get adopted, and he probably was put down, and that countless other's like him are meeting the same fate each day.





That's my beef..

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