My big movie idea!!!Xmas holiday movie *updated*

Hop aboard my mismatched train while i explain my idea for a holiday movie!!!!

Ok The movie starts out with a very sick bald Child coughing ,Then the screen goes black...Ok here goes the plot start...Now it opens up at his funeral and his family is all crying around the childs coffin.Ok here is where the christmas theme comes in..The camera cutts to the bald child in the croud or mourners.He is a fucking Ghost!!! But nobody can see him. Then another kinda see through ghost appears next to the child. Its a fucking santa ghost!!.So now santa ghost says to the kid, he says this"Kid you wanna be alive again?" and the kid is all sad n shit so he says "yea.". Ok so now santa looks surprised because the kid is so fucking hideos and bald.SO now santa has an idea, he looks at the kid ghost and says you can be alive again but you must do me a  favor once you are among the living again.The kid gets happy and says" Anything santa!" So now the kid dissapears in a poof of smoke.And santa is standing there with the word santa below him. But its a  scary font and the letters rearange to spell Satan!!! So now the kid wakes up and he is still dead!! He is a fucking zombie now.The ground being soft and his cheap burial made for a fast escape from his grave.He now has a hunger for Brains!! He goes to a mall where his father works and he runs up and bites him.Making him a fucking zombie as well.Well everyone dies and santa flys over head with evil raindear made of bones!!Again the word santa turns to satan and he laugh Hoho Haaaaaa.All evily.

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*update* Flogging my molly? I have a limit of eight times a day. So at this point i am done for the day.But yea when i thought of this movie idea it was like god made me write this script...Praise jesus!!!! Wait... was jesus a zombie??? He raised from the dead!!! Omg i figured out who the first zombie was!!!!

12/24/08 .

it is now 6:45 and I have came to a scientific conclusion that will shake christianity to its roots.Jesus was the first person infected with the strain of desease refered to as "Z" or Zombification. I must hide now as the church will be looking to silence my studys.They cannot find the sample!!

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Matthew "L"

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