My Brilliant Idea

I had an urge to drink some Pepsi while I was waiting for somebody today and went into the mall to buy one. It turned out that they didn't have any in small bottles and they had Coca Cola. Which is shit. Even worse it was Coca Cola Zero, that shit stupid people drink because they think it's gonna help them slim down if it's a diet coke or some shit like that. I don't know, I'm slim so I don't have to give a shit about that. I eat healthy stuff and don't sit on my ass the whole day so I'm fit.

Anywho, I bought the cola zero and I knew it's going to taste bad. I didn't expect it to taste like my boyfriend's butt hole. Diet coke is awful! Who drinks that? Is there people somewhere that think it tastes nice? And how is Coca Cola even sold when it's shit compared to Pepsi?

Regardless, I had an idea. It was raining today an I thought that it would be great if someone invented a way to absorb water directly from the air. That would save you up a lot of money, even if it costed a handful sum for the bio engineering or augment or implant or whatever cool device would let you absorb water directly from the air. The cool aspects would be that you could get lost on a MDMA.

So, if anyone invents that and goes to patent that shit, I can show them this blog and prove I was first to invent it and become a multi billionaire. With the current technology, it's quite possible these bionic enhansements will be available in like 4 to 8 years. Oh yeah, and I already reserve the name for them. Thery're going to be called Neko Augments. To honor my brilliance and that everybody who uses them and has their live saved because of it knows it's thanks to me and my genius mind

Uploaded 10/06/2012
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